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10 Ways to make your Elopement/Courthouse Wedding Extra Special

You’ve decided to elope, but you don’t want it to be plain and boring. So let’s talk options.

1: Wear something fancy

There’s NO RULE saying you still can’t wear a full on wedding gown and/or tux to your wedding. Listen, this is your day. You wear what makes you happy. Ballgown with red Chucks? Go for it.

2: Wear something mediumly (not a word) fancy A knee length white (or green, hot pink - whatever!) dress, a long beach dress, a nice suit, a button up with suspenders and a bow tie? So many options! Since I’ve been into this whole elopement thing, I’ve been keeping an eye out for what I would consider good elopement dresses. They are everywhere! Obviously you are not limited to any style at all, but I would always be happy to recommend some things if you are coming up blank. Here are a couple websites to check out for some great dress options for decent prices:

www.modcloth.com www.etsy.com



Note: We do not make any money from or have partnerships with any of these shops. I do make an effort to only recommend places whose policies and business practices align with our values, especially regarding inclusivity. So if you ever see anything listed here that doesn't line up, please make us aware! If you are local to Charlotte, check out Savvy Bride Boutique! https://www.savvybrideboutique.com They are size inclusive, all around cool people, and they offer a 10% discount to anyone working with TEC!

3: Wear whatever the hell makes you happy Chewbacca suit? Dinosaur costume? Rainbow tutu? Bright pink dress? Bright pink tux? I repeat: THIS DAY IS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PARTNER. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous and happy to be alive. Then you will be able to look back at your pictures for years and years and remember what a fantastic day that was! 4: Wear a special piece Maybe a grandmother’s necklace, the watch your dad gave you, that weird rock you found in second grade, or your lucky socks. Find something that means a lot to you, and include it on your special day. Mention it to your photographer, and they can be sure to include it in the pictures, as well.

5: Flowers

At The Elopement Co., we provide flowers for your elopement or courthouse wedding. We will provide 2 of whatever combination of bouquet/boutonnière that you would like. Just let us know! We often source our flowers from lovely locations like Trader Joe’s, so depending on the season, we will do our best to meet any requests you have for flowers. Having that little extra touch makes the ceremony feel polished and purposeful!

6: Cupcakes

Let’s be honest. The only reason we EVER attend a wedding is for the cake, am I right??? As part of your elopement or courthouse wedding package, we will pick up delicious cupcakes (or other dessert, if requested) for you and your partner to enjoy and include in the pictures. Any allergies? Please be sure to tell us ahead of time!

7: Other decorations

Glitter, confetti, balloons! Any special requests? Just ask us! We’ll do our best to add a special touch to make your elopement or courthouse wedding feel like YOU!

8: Location

Here at The Elopement Co., we want to go wherever makes you the happiest. We are based out of Charlotte, NC, but we will go absolutely anywhere around the world to help you have your perfect intimate wedding! Is there a place that means something to you as a couple? Maybe where you had your first date, or a place you've always dreamed of visiting. It could be an hour away or across the ocean - we're game!

We have curated a list of excellent elopement locations in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas, and we are currently working on expanding to new cities. So let's work together to find a place that just feels special and wonderful to you.

9: Friends and Family

There may be some people that you absolutely could not imagine getting married without them present. That could be your mom, your best friend, or maybe your chihuahua George. Our elopement and courthouse wedding packages allow for up to 15 guests to be present at the event, so you can have those special people in your life by your side. Or not - we also love it when couples want to have this special moment all to themselves!

10: Party!

Many couples like to have some sort of after-elopement celebration, and this can be a great way to add another element to make your day feel extra special. While we at TEC do not plan receptions, we do know some fantastic options we can recommend. From simple dinners in a private room, to all-out parties with catering, to fun activities like a cooking class or indoor golf -we've seen so many cool things that our couples have done, and we love to spread the wonderful ideas! We can also refer you to restaurants, caterers, or even full-on reception or party planners.

Bonus! 11: Announcements

If you want something a little fancier than a Facebook announcement saying “Hey, we got hitched!”, we work with a fantastic calligrapher to design announcement cards. Let us know if you are interested, and we will hook you up!

I hope these ideas have inspired you for your perfect elopement or courthouse wedding ceremony. If you have any more questions or are ready to book, contact us using this link. Happy Marriage!


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