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Expo & Getting Married before your Wedding

It's been quite a week! We attended our first ever wedding expo on Sunday, and we met some really amazing couples, as well as some great vendors. It's an interesting experience attending a wedding expo where most couples are planning on a full wedding. I don't really "fit" at a lot of these places (story of my life! 😂) but I love showing newly-engaged couples that there are other options. Plus it’s just fun to meet and hang out with people in love!

One couple that I met was considering doing something that is, I think, a new-ish trend, and something that is RIGHT up my alley - they are going to get married at the courthouse in a couple months, then next year, they are going to be doing a full wedding. There are a variety of reasons a couple may want to go about it this way. Sometimes it is for legal reason, sometimes for convenience, and sometimes I think it’s just because they want to! Either way, I love that The Elopement Co. can provide an option for these couples to capture their actual “wedding” day. That’s an important day, too, and it’s important to have a way to memorialize it. So if you’re considering getting married before your actual wedding, let’s chat!

Speaking of options, in the weeks going forward, I plan on using my social media to start showing options to elopement and courthouse wedding brides and grooms. Be that clothing, non-traditional wedding rings, cupcake styles or location options, I would like to provide useful information for people who are trying to figure out this whole tiny wedding thing. So stay tuned for some cool stuff. Also, if you have any ideas of something you’d like to see discussed, please let me know!

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