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Cupcakes and Why I am a Genius

Guys. I am a genius. Let me explain. I told you last week that I wanted to start sharing helpful information of things related to courthouse weddings and elopements. Well, one of the things I offer in my packages is cupcakes. So it only makes sense that I would need to share some cupcakes, right? And in order to share about cupcakes in Charlotte, I first need to research cupcakes in Charlotte. How does one go about researching cupcakes? That's right; by tasting them. So it is my job, my solemn duty, to sample cupcakes on your behalf. And therein lies the genius. I just gave myself the best excuse ever to eat cake!!! I know, I know. You are shocked at the sacrifices I am willing to make on behalf of my readers. That's just the kind of person I am, folks.

Ok so about the actual cupcake experience. The first bakery I visited was Sunflour Baking Co. on East 7th St. Sunflour is a little different than many bakeries in that it also a cafe offering sandwiches, coffee drinks, and many other delicious pastries, including the fig newton, which is to die for. I met with owner Jack Parrish (no relation!). Jack is very proud of his cupcakes, especially talking up the quality of their icing. And let me tell you, the icing was superb. But more on that in a minute. Sunflour has multiple cupcake flavors (a few I saw that day were nutella, chocolate/raspberry, and caramel), and Jack said they always have cupcakes in stock. They almost always have at least one vegan cupcake option available, though not usually a gluten free option (they do usually carry at least one gluten free dessert, just not cupcakes).

I personally tasted the caramel cupcake in a jar (yes, it was actually in a delightful little jar), and the ever classic black and white, which was chocolate cake and vanilla icing. They were both really delicious, but I think the caramel was my favorite. I let my husband try some (yes, I share!), and he was quite impressed. The cake was moist and flavorful, and although the cupcake was not filled with icing (Jack is pretty opposed to this idea) they were generous with the icing.

Delicious cupcakes and lots of availability mean I will definitely keep Sunflour on my roster of cupcake vendors. Do you have any suggestions of where I should try next? If so, leave me a message below!

Until next cupcake, I mean next time,


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