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Another Cupcake Story

Hi friends! I want to tell you about my latest hard work, aka tasting cupcakes. My most recent bakery visit was to Nona’s Sweets located in north Charlotte. The first thing I noticed about Nona’s was the name. I recognized Nona as a name for Grandmother, and sure enough, co-owner Dominica immediately mentioned the meaning. Family is an important part of this cafe/bakery, as evidenced by the numerous news clippings and art pieces found on the walls of the cafe. Dominica told me that the bakery, celebrating its 16th year, morphed from just a bakery to a cafe based on customer requests, and the new official name is “Nona’s Sweets and Papa’s Eats.” Super cute.

The second thing I noticed about Nona’s were the cupcake options. They offer something a little different - pre-made cupcake bottoms in multiple flavors, and you choose the icing! I love this as a concept - you get to customize key lime cake with strawberry icing, or strawberry cake with chocolate icing. With at least 8 cake flavors, the possibilities are vast!

Nona’s unfortunately does not offer gluten free or vegan options. They do however offer small cakes (think about the size of the top layer of a wedding cake) or mini-cakes, which were tiny and adorable. This is all in addition to their full-size wedding cakes. Dominica was warm and kind, and she spoke about how she loves that they can be a part of someone’s special day.

And now on to the important part - the tasting. I went with the bakery’s most popular choice, the vanilla cupcake with almond butter cream icing. The cake was so soft. In my very unprofessional opinion, it seemed almost as light as angel food cake. Definitely not dry, but not dense and moist. The icing was also creamy and sweet, and I would say on a little light on the application (so yes, I prefer as much icing as cake…). I am looking forward to trying other flavors and combinations, and I’m excited to offer these options to my clients!

If you're in the university area, check out Nona's!


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