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Say Cheese!

We've all seen those people who are just really talented at having their photo taken. They always know how to stand, how to have enough of a smile without looking deranged, and the perfect place to put their hands. All of these talents combine to make this super-human look like a freaking angel in every photo.

Elopement Bride

For the rest of us, however, as soon as a camera is turned our way, we forget how to human. We have no idea how/where to stand, our smiles look like a bad performance of the Joker, and what ARE those weird things at the ends of our arms?!?

I'll be honest- I'm part of that second group. I love being behind the camera, but when it gets turned on me, I just freeze up!

When I met with Christina (pictured), she was really concerned about this. She told me she had never had professional pictures taken before, and she had no idea what to do.

So here's the big secret to getting that perfect, relaxed look in all your professional photos... Ready?... Don't worry about it.

Elopement Wedding


And by that I don’t mean, “Oh stop worrying; just relax… you’ll be fine!” (I kind of want to punch people when they say that to me). What I mean is - YOU don’t have to worry about it, because that’s MY job! I’m the one who should be worrying about whether or not you are comfortable.

I’m the one who will tell you where to stand, where to put your hands, which way to look, etc., etc.

I will make you play games, make you tell me stories, make you laugh. We’ll joke, we’ll hang out, and we’ll have fun.

And in the end, you’ll have beautiful pictures to remember this amazing day you just spent with your love.

Tiny Wedding

So if you’ve been worrying about getting your picture taken, just start blaming me instead. “Oh, that’s Charity’s problem.” I’ve got you. ;-)

Until next time,


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