So what if I'm not from NC?

As the concept of eloping or tiny weddings grows, more and more people are thinking, "Hey, this could be for me!" Every day, We see visitors on this site from all over the US and even all over the world. So what if you are NOT from North Carolina? What are your options for working with us? Well, you have a few options. 

1. You come to us. 

We've had couples come to North Carolina from New York, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, and West Virginia, and that's all just in the first year! Charlotte is a great city that has lots to offer. Even better, North Carolina offers beautiful beaches and stunning mountains, all within a day's drive of Charlotte. We can make your elopement happen in any of these amazing locations. 

2. You bring us to you.

Wait but how?... Our package prices remain the same, and you just add travel fees! If you want to stay in your home town but still use our services, you'll just need to cover our travel fees to your location, and the rest will work exactly the same. We will do the research and the planning to make everything happen in your favorite location. 

3. We both go to a destination. 

This basically works the same as Option 2, except you would also be traveling to the destination. Want a sunrise ceremony in the Rockies? Let's make it happen! 

4. You pay our "consultation" or "planning" services to find and help book vendors in your area. 

For an hourly fee, We will do the research to find you vendors in your area to essentially do the work that we would do for you. This one is a little trickier, as We obviously have no control over these other vendor's actions. This also tends to be more expensive, because many vendors do not have the same pricing structure that We do. However, if Options 1-3 don't work for you, this is something we can do. Message us today for more info! 


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