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Not Really "Eloping"

I recently read an article about a tiny wedding somewhere, and the magazine that wrote the article called it an elopement. There were like 50 comments underneath that article with people freaking out that they called it an elopement. The actual definition of the word elopement is to "run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.” When I hear that description, I think of two teenagers running away in the middle of the night in some old Southern town to get married. …So let me just go ahead and say this right now - I KNOW that what we are doing is not necessarily an elopement. I know that, and I’m ok with it. Because there is no other word that really eclipses everything involved. For our purposes, though, we’re going to define it like this: A tiny, unconventional wedding ceremony with very few (if any) guests. Happy? Ok. Whew.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about what an elopement with The Elopement Co. actually looks like. Picture some amazing location, either within Charlotte or a within few hours away. The people there are the couple getting married, a licensed minister, and your photographer (me!). Maybe you invite a couple friends or family members, maybe you don’t. There will be a bouquet and a boutonniere (if desired) and maybe something else fun like a flower crown, balloons, confetti, who knows. Oh and there will be cupcakes or cake pops (because who doesn’t love miniature cakes!).

The minister will perform the quick ceremony at this gorgeous location, everybody signs the marriage license, then your photographer will do a 1 hour portrait session at your location with the cupcakes, confetti, etc. Then everybody goes on their merry way (see what I did there? - merry/marry?!). About 3 weeks after your elopement date, you will receive a link to download your elopement images. We provide you with full quality images for you to do with as you please! (For more info, see Packages).

And now you’re married with beautiful pictures and ready to take over the world. Wait - what?

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