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It may seem somewhat superfluous that we're posting near the end of 2020 about how elopements and micro-weddings are trending, when for the past four years, we've specialized in these types of events. But we think it's important to share why they're not only important and perfect for those still wanting to get married during a pandemic, but why they're also for couples who just want to marry their person without all the extra frills!

(Taken during our Andrews Farm Elopement Day in August)

Why would you choose an elopement or micro-wedding over a traditional wedding?

Well, it comes down to a few other questions to think about.

1) How do you want to celebrate this important step in your life? (Not how others want to celebrate!)

2) Who do you want to join you? (Family, friends, just you two? No wrong answers.)

3) Are you a non-traditional person or traditional adjacent when it comes to relationships? (You can be traditional and just not be into traditional weddings. ;) )

4) What's your budget? (Elopements and micro-weddings tend to cost less because there's less planning, smaller guests lists and special venues.)

5) Do you want to do a lot more for fewer people? (Think putting your 10 guests up at a resort for the weekend!)

6) Why the hell not? (Ya dig?)

As we've planned over 150 events, we've seen the wide array of reasons why a couple would choose an elopement or micro-wedding. And honestly, we've found there's typically no wrong reason. (Other than doing it because you feel pressured from someone else.) From not wanting to put on a big show to simply wanting an intimate affair--you can still make your day special and 100% YOU.

COVID-19 has really pushed the newfound love for elopements and micro-weddings to the forefront of society, and we see the wedding industry changing before our eyes. It's not a bad thing! Getting back to basics, and focusing on what's most important--you know, marrying the love of your life--is really beautiful.

Another great way to create a super special experience for couples wanting an intimate elopement or micro-wedding is with an Elopement Day! You might be wondering, “what the heck is an Elopement Day?”

Essentially, they are a full day where multiple couples have the opportunity to get married, all at the same gorgeous venue with some of their closest friends and family. We assign time slots that can be chosen when a couple signs up, and we work hard to make sure they're extra beautiful and fun by including flowers for the couple, cupcakes (or another special dessert) for the whole party, photography, an officiant and often, fancy decor.

We've found elopement days are great for couples who truly don't have the desire or time to plan anything extravagant, but still want something memorable for all involved. They also have been perfect during our current world-wide pandemic because of the natural size of these events already fits in with federal and state guidelines to protect those who attend.

Here at The Elopement Co., we plan one to two official elopement days a year, and we absolutely love them! That being said, we do have limited spots available, and it bums us out to have to turn anyone away. Although we are fully booked for 2020, we are now booking for 2021! But we know that some couples still want to get married in 2020, and participating in an elopement day versus planning their own small event is their best option.

With elopements and micro-weddings being the only legal option for weddings at the moment, there are lots of wonderful traditional wedding vendors currently offering Elopement Days similar to our normal services. So since we can't help every client coming our way for a 2020 date, wanted to share some other events that are taking place this year that are similar to ours:

October 11 - Elopement Day by Tiny Weddings of Charlotte

November 15 - Elopement Day at Hopecrest Chapel by North State Photography

Are you set on working with us? We're flattered! We are always working behind the scenes on future events because we love creating them for you!

So stay in the loop and check out our upcoming special events and if you'd like to start planning your own, unique elopement or micro-wedding for 2021, reach out and let's chat! Can't wait to hear from you!

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