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4 Reasons Why Engagement Photos Are a Great Idea

Unless you’ve professionally modeled, it’s unlikely you have spent much time in front of a professional photographer’s camera. And honestly, we at The Elopement Co. completely understand what it feels like to be a tiny bit awkward when the camera is facing us. (Check out our team photos for proof!) That’s why we think it’s super important to take the time for an engagement session before your big day! Here are 4 reasons why: 1) Get to Know Your Photographer

Other than when you’re chatting on the phone or FaceTiming with your photographer to get to know them, it’s unlikely you’ll get a ton of face-to-face interaction with them. That’s why getting time to take engagement session photos is a great idea! Not only will you get to know them on a more personal level, they’ll also get to know how to best make you feel comfortable while taking photos. By the end of your session, we can guarantee you’ll make a bestie for the rest(ie) of time! 2) Learn What to Do with Your Hands

Knowing what to do with your hands while on camera can be difficult. So, having the time to practice before your big day may take you from being Ricky Bobby to being America’s Next Top Model. (Or at least not looking like a complete goober.)

During your engagement session, we can help you be more natural on camera, and find the poses and prompts that fit your personality best!

3) Get Photos for Your Save the Dates or Elopement Announcements

If you’re planning to have a micro-wedding with your closest friends and family or to whisk yourselves away to elope, you won’t have a ton of attendees, but you may want to announce your exciting news! Engagement photos are a great way to share with everyone. 4) Make (More) Memories with Your Love

Have you been wanting to hike a dream trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains or shoot some hoops at a local adult arcade? Now is the time! An engagement session is a great excuse to make some memories with the love of your life—all while capturing them on camera. Need some ideas on where to go? Let us know, and we can help!

Bonus Reason: More Photos to Display at Home!

There’s nothing like seeing old photos of family members hanging in homes or in yellowed pages of albums, so why not get more photos of your own to print and display? (Fun fact: when you receive your digital images, you can order prints directly from your online gallery!) What are some reasons why you’re excited to take engagement photos together? What are some of your hesitations? We’re here for you!



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